Webinar: Wood-Based Renewable Diesel in a Midwestern Clean Fuels Policy

April 26th 12:30pm to 2:00pm

The Midwestern clean fuels policy is a proposed market-based and technology-neutral policy with performance-based incentives for any fuel that offers a greenhouse gas advantage, without picking winners or losers. It reduces the use of higher-carbon fuels and supports commercial deployment of lower-carbon fuels, including biofuels, and electricity for electric vehicles. A clean fuels policy in the Midwest could be a game changer for reducing emissions from the transportation sector, the region’s largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

This webinar will discuss how a clean fuels policy can create markets for underutilized wood through the production of wood-based renewable diesel in the Midwest. It will provide  attendees opportunities to gain insights from experts in several key areas:

  • Hear about the Midwestern Clean Fuels Policy Initiative
  • Learn how a clean fuels program can create markets for underutilized wood
  • Gain a better understanding of how wood-based renewable diesel pathways would generate credits
  • See analysis modeling credit revenues in various scenarios
  • Hear from industry representatives on how a clean fuels policy could support wood-based renewable diesel initiatives in the Midwest

Featured speakers:

  • Dr. Jim Bowyer, Dovetail Partners
  • Rick Horton, Minnesota Forest Industries
  • Terry Kulesa, Red Rock Biofuels Plant
  • Tad Mason, Red Rock Biofuels Plant
  • Nels Paulson, Conservation Minnesota
  • Eric Singsaas, Natural Resources Research Institute
  • Jessi Wyatt, Great Plains Institute

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