Join the Bioeconomy Coalition of Minnesota

About the Bioeconomy Coalition of Minnesota

Facilitated by the Great Plains Institute, the Bioeconomy Coalition of Minnesota brings everyone involved in the bioeconomy together to collaborate and grow the industry along the entire value chain, from research and development to production and use. The coalition aims to position Minnesota as a global leader in the bioeconomy by working together on a shared strategy.


What is the bioeconomy?

The bioeconomy refers to converting biobased feedstock (agricultural and forestry biomass, municipal and livestock waste) into biobased products like biofuels, renewable chemicals, biomass thermal energy, and renewable natural gas. Visit our Bioeconomy 101 page for more information.


 Made from renewable biomass like corn, soy, and other sources. Advanced biofuels have at least 50 percent lower greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline.


Chemicals, polymers, monomers, or plastics not sold primarily as food, animal feed, or fuel. Composed of at least 51 percent biobased feedstock.


Heat produced from biomass (living or recently living biological materials that can be used for fuel or industrial production).


Renewable natural gas derived from biological sources, often through anaerobic digestion.

Who can join the Bioeconomy Coalition of Minnesota?

Any organization that supports positioning Minnesota as a global leader in the bioeconomy can apply to join the Bioeconomy Coalition of Minnesota. Our coalition comprises state advocates, local and state governments, utilities, research partners, trade groups, and industry partners.


Why join the coalition?

When you join the Bioeconomy Coalition of Minnesota, you become part of a dedicated community working to make Minnesota well known worldwide as the place to build the bioeconomy. The coalition adds value to Minnesota’s forestry, agriculture, and organic waste resources.

Members are part of a collective voice working to overcome barriers in the industry. Through collective action, the coalition ensures that the bioeconomy is essential to the clean energy innovation sector.

Our past successes demonstrate what we can achieve when we work together:

  • Passed a new sustainable aviation fuel tax incentive, which will provide up to $1.50 per gallon of the fuel produced or blended in Minnesota.
  • Supported initiating a clean transportation standard working group to explore challenges and support for a clean transportation bill in 2024.
  • Increased funding for Minnesota’s Bioincentive Program to $5.75 million annually. This program is the main incentive for the state’s advanced biofuels, renewable chemicals, and biomass thermal energy producers.
  • Passed the Natural Gas Innovation Act, allowing regulated natural gas utilities the flexibility to invest in biogas, renewable natural gas, power to hydrogen, power to ammonia, carbon capture and utilization, strategic electrification, district energy, and energy efficiency.


Membership levels

We have various membership levels. Suggested annual dues are based on an organization’s type, size, and vested interest in Minnesota’s bioeconomy.


Exclusive access and influence

Collaborate with diverse stakeholders committed to growing the bioeconomy to benefit the entire industry. Through collective action, move the needle toward an improved bioeconomy.

  • Serve on a committee
  • Influence the coalition’s strategy, including policy positions


  • Attend quarterly member meetings to stay apprised of industry innovation, member activities, and policy efforts
  • Receive first-hand access to tools developed by staff
  • Receive the coalition’s quarterly newsletter

Promotional opportunities

  • Promote bioeconomy events on the coalition’s website
  • Submit topical blog posts for publication on the coalition’s website

Recognition, networking, and exposure

Grow your network and establish beneficial working relationships to help advance your projects. Be recognized for the work your organization is doing to improve Minnesota’s bioeconomy.

  • Have your organization’s logo on the coalition’s website
  • Have your organization featured in a coalition blog post
  • Attend networking events



For an added fee, Bioeconomy Coalition staff can provide the following services:

  • Government affairs assistance
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Community engagement

Please inquire about our additional services today!


“I value being a part of the Bioeconomy Coalition because it represents a strong range of expertise and experience that leads to innovative thinking and new solutions.”

—K. Fernholz, Dovetail Partners


Fill out the application form below to join the coalition. Our steering committee will review your application, and staff will inform you of the committee’s decision.