Bioeconomy Coalition and Natural Resources Research Institute Event to Highlight Biochar Opportunities in Minnesota

November 10, 2020 | | Events

The Bioeconomy Coalition of Minnesota, facilitated by the Great Plains Institute, and the Natural Resources Research Institute are partnering to raise the profile of biochar in Minnesota. At its upcoming member meeting on November 23, 12:00-2:00 pm central, the Bioeconomy Coalition will feature a panel of experts to talk about the opportunities and limitations of commercializing biochar in Minnesota.

This exciting discussion comes on the heels of the “Emerging Market Opportunities for Minnesota’s Forest Product Industry” white paper released by GPI in April 2020. In the paper, GPI highlighted that biochar, which is produced from thermally-processed wood, “holds potential as a soil amendment for improving the productivity of soils, preventing nutrient loss and water pollution, and storing carbon in soils.” Although much is still unknown about the potential long-term benefits of biochar, the Bioeconomy Coalition and NRRI are hoping to bring more awareness and attention to the subject.

The Bioeconomy Coalition welcomes guests at its upcoming member meeting on November 23 and encourages others to register. Bioeconomy Coalition meeting panelists will include the following:

  • Ashley McFarland, Dovetail Partners
  • Brian Barry, Natural Resources Research Institute
  • Bridget Ulrich, Natural Resources Research Institute
  • Jim Doten, City of Minneapolis
  • Kurt Anderson, Minnesota Power
  • Kurt Spokus, US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service

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